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NYCreates is a non-profit organization committed to helping people who make objects with their hands.  We seek to broaden the public’s awareness of the diversity and excellence of handmade objects created and made in NYC through local and citywide initiatives .

A niche economy is hidden throughout NYC’s neighborhoods.  The assets of NYC’s crafts community – largely unknown or understood – are undervalued within the creative sector and the small-business economy.   Craft artists work in isolation, with typical low-to-middle-incomes, struggling to sell work, often unable to maintain affordable space to work or to cover participation fees for existing NY craft markets.  It is often a challenge for them to advance as entrepreneurs and artistans.  Increasingly, immigrant artisans who create objects in New York that are reflective of their heritage need more marketing opportunities and training to strengthen their urban economic prospects.  Consumers are also unaware where to find New York’s talented craft makers or how to calculate the value of something that is handmade.

Inspired byHandMade in America, NYCreates similarly has been building an infrastructure to expand opportunities, visibility and marketability for NYC’s crafts artists and artisans, with a special concentration on immigrant creators, to reach an expanded consumer public.  We are committed to providing increased technical assistance and resources, including micro-financing initiatives, to improve the economies of craft artists and artisans throughout the city.

Since its founding in 2003, NYCreates core programs have included:

1)    Presenting affordable marketing venues – Holiday Fairs- first at Downtown’s Deutsche Bank and now at the Brooklyn Historical Society and other venues.  We have organized other markets have been presented on the piers in Red Hook and recently at the Center at West-Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side;

2)    Providing professional development opportunities through workforce development workshops and micro-enterprise technology advancement grants (with NYANA, eBay Foundation, and the Business Center for New Americans.)

3)    Developing a sustainable, consumer-friendly unique website – We aspire to add a searchable Registry, NYC’s comprehensive craft events calendar, and the creation of a social network needed for community interaction.

NYCreates was developed by the New York Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with the Consortium for Worker Education, the Municipal Art Society and the New York City Arts Coalition as a post-9/11 initiative to strengthen New York’s creative economy.

NYCreates’ core activities since 2003 have been made possible through the generous support of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, the eBay Foundation, and the Independence Community Foundation, under the sponsorship of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

NYCreates works in collaboration with the Brooklyn Historical Society and the

Business Center for New Americans.

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